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Justus Hillebrand is currently a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Maine in co-tutelage with the University of Cologne. His current research focuses on the negotiation of agricultural knowledge between scientists, various kinds of reformers, and farmers in agriculturally challenging regions in late nineteenth-century Maine and Westphalia. In a mixed-method approach, he uses geographic information systems (GIS) mapping and geovisualizations to incorporate analysis of the majority of farmers that did not leave written historical sources.

Digital and Spatial History also plays an influential role in his work with the Holocaust Geographies Collaborative. He has worked with Dr. Anne Kelly Knowles on a database of all World War II Jewish Ghettos since early 2016. This work has included developing prototype relational database designs, testing their feasibility for mapping in GIS, writing rules for data entry, and training undergraduate research assistants on the project. He also has published with Knowles and other Collaborative members on the methodology behind this work in the International Journal for Humanities and Arts Computing.

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Research interests: Digital History, Spatial History/Historical Geography, History of Knowledge, Agricultural History, Environmental History, History of Science and Technology, Maine History, German History, African-American History.

Email: justus.hillebrand [at] maine.edu